Monday, December 26, 2011

For the Week of December 26th

Just for this moment, this very week, I invite you to keep your heart open to love and compassion for your friends, family, and all sentient beings of the world. May you come forward to make a positive change if your life and in those you come in contact with.

Just for today, this week, may you experience warmth, love, creativity, compassion, good health, abundance, and upliftment. For our global family, may we hold thoughts of loving kindness and peaceful outcomings.

When you see a homeless person, a begger on the corner, or an obese person making their way along the street, (or even the driver who rudely cuts you off) I invite you to send them love, to uplift them to the comfort and healing of Divine Light. When ever we send love, we experience it ourselves.

May Mother, Farther, God, Goddess, all our Angels and Guides, be with us, inform us, and guide us on the higher road.

May you have a peaceful heart, today, this week, and through eternity.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Place for Affirmative Prayer

As I begin this prayer blog in the midst of winter's darkest and longest nights, it is my intention to hold space for AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER for any who desire support.

Leave a comment, tell me what you want prayer support for. Please state what it is you DO want. God already knows your challenges. I am here to support your positive outcome, that you may feel love and God's deep peace in your heart.

Leave your prayer request in the comments section and I'll God, the Angels and Guides, to help me write a prayer response. 

Sweetest blessings, and Deepest Peace