Friday, May 11, 2012

Prayer for the Shadow

Sometimes, when I least expect it, up pops my shadow.... full of bad news for me. I'm not enough, I've goofed up, I did it wrong, I forgot, overlooked, didn't appear to care.... oh the list can go on.

So, I offer my experience in prayer.... to just sit in the White Light of God's Love.... breathing in, breathing out, infusing, blending, merging with the Light.

Vibrating. Remembering. There is no separation. God and I are ONE. There is only ONENESS.

My prayer to the Every Aware ONE: I am strong enough to hold Your Light, I keep my eyes focused on Your Light, reflecting my Light. Be with me today as I rest my soul and awareness, bathed in your Peace, Harmony, Love, Healing, Light.
And so it is.

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