Monday, October 20, 2014

A Labor of Love...

Today's DAILY WORD....My day is rich with opportunities for spiritual expansion and service.
Any type of work can be constructive and worthwhile. Any activity is satisfying when it is a labor of love. As I keep a spiritual perspective and mindful awareness in all that I do, my workday is rich with opportunities for personal connection and spiritual expansion.
Martin Luther King Jr. said, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance.” With spiritual awareness, any type of work can be done in a way that expands one’s consciousness and uplifts others.
At the beginning of the workday, I pray to express God in all I do and to exhibit qualities of clarity, love, appreciation, and excellence. I am grateful at the end of each day to have engaged in a labor of love.

Many years ago, I was a lay-minister, Outreach Program Director, with Unity Church in Lansing Michigan.  A parishioner came to me and said she wanted a job like mine... a 'holistic' job, a spiritual job. At that time she worked in an upscale clothing store. My counsel to her was much like today's inspiration. ANY job can be a spiritual job... it's all in the way we hold it, the way we frame our thoughts about our work.

So, here's my invite to you.... may you look upon your 'job' as a labor of love, a labor of expression of your Divine Nature. Every action, every interaction, provides you with the opportunity to do 'God's Work'.  Think about it.... remember, your thoughts are prayers.

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