Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CHOOSE to Focus on Gratitude

On my journey through life, I recognize the power of appreciation. I praise every part of my body, and I am energized with greater health and vitality. I pay my bills with gratitude in the divine flow of giving and receiving. As I bless others, I unlock the door to greater love and harmony in my relationships. Through gratitude, I open wide the door to Spirit’s infinite bounty.

I am grateful that I have the freedom and ability to CHOOSE to focus on gratitude. Even when an outcome isn't exactly what I had planned... I love the attitude of the Amish: that it is God's Will. Sometimes I can be rocked with a series of mishaps, missteps, or mistakes! By choosing an attitude of appreciation or gratitude, any strife is quickly over, and my whole being can return to peace and calm.

Good words for today!

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