Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Prayer for travel...

Good morning friends... It's 4:45 am and I'm about to leave on a 1000 mile journey to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Before every trip, I always say a prayer to my angels. I set my intention for safe travel and that I may do God's work where ever I am. For inspiration this morning, I found this lovely little Catholic prayer....
God's Angels guard and keep you
All the way that you must travel
Till earth's days are past
When blossoms fade and
Time is fleeting fast
In times of purest joy
Or pain and fear
God's Angels guard
And keep you safe.
My own words of prayer...
Thank you God, Angels and Guides, for the joy and blessings of travel today. May my Angels precede me, creating safety. May my Guides instruct my decisions as I follow my GPS. May the day be filled with Your Wonder and Joy as I observe the millions of Miracles of this World.
Thank you, and So it is.
Sweet Blessings and Namaste

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