Sunday, October 26, 2014

Flexible in Spirit

Today's Daily Word really speaks to me about being flexible, about being willing to let go of expectations. I love the image of the bamboo tree. Standing straight and tall, reaching towards the light. Yet, flexible to bend and go with the flow, letting go of the expectation of standing tall.
  I don't think I can plan much in my life without expectations... but my goal is to then LET GO of prediction or specific expectation. The result can be peace of mind, rather than upset or disappointment. As it says... my desire is to be an ever-flowing, ever-renewing expression of Infinite Life. Attuning myself to the Spirit within I am full of life, love, and joy. From that bountiful frame of mind, I turn that energy outward, to p
ray for those who are searching for that same Inner Peace.
And so it is....
Here is today's Daily Word...
I am flexible and young in Spirit.

The spirit of God is at the very core of my being. It is my Source of eternal youth and life. I recognize this flowing force that keeps me alive, breath by breath and heartbeat by heartbeat.
I do not limit my capacity to express the life of Spirit by being inflexible or stuck. I refuse to become crystallized in old thoughts or ways of being. I affirm my true nature in Spirit—I am an ever-flowing, ever-renewing expression of Infinite Life.
I live this truth by expressing openness and resiliency. I am flexible in mind and body. I am conscious of my life, energy, and strength. I express the vitality and youthfulness of Spirit within.

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