Friday, October 24, 2014

Finding Oneness in Nature

Communing with nature, I find oneness.
What a gift it is to be in nature and to behold its glory! Whether I am hiking in the deep woods or strolling through a city park, I have the opportunity to connect with the natural world.
My time in nature sharpens my awareness. I walk among the leaves dancing in the breeze, while flowers of lively colors greet me cheerfully. A bird’s call invites me to watch its antics and marvel at its flight.
Communing with nature reminds me I am one with all of life. I behold the sacredness of living things great and small. I am richly blessed to be part of the natural world. In gratitude, I cherish and care for it.
I went down to the nut orchard, to look at the blossoms of the valley, to see whether the vines had budded, whether the pomegranates were in bloom.–Song of Solomon 6:11

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