Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Breathing in the Present Moment NOW

Interesting, when you focus on your breathing, you can ONLY be in the NOW. You can't draw a breath in the past, nor the future. NOW is the only time you can breathe. That is why the present moment is so important. When I find myself out it the future with worry, or lost in the drama of the past, I try to bring my awareness back into my breath. I take a moment and just breathe. 

Good though, from today's Daily Word....
I am home in the present moment.
The present moment is the most powerful moment of all. It is the only time I can breathe, connect with my body, and feel alive. When my mind is distracted and jumps to the past or the future, I may experience fear or worry unnecessarily. To be at peace, I need only return to the now—to this breath, to this heartbeat.
As I breathe in, I gently think of the word “in.” As I breathe out, I softly say to myself, “out.” I repeat this cycle for several minutes, and any mind disturbances dissolve. Quiet and calm, I experience the peaceful power of the present moment in my body.
My gentle breathing relaxes my inner dwelling. I am alive in my breath, I am at ease in my heart. I don’t need to go anywhere else to find peace. I am already home.

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