Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seeking the Light

Today's Daily Word says that facing darkness is a normal process of life, and at such times we should reach for the light of God. Using the metaphor of a plant though, I somewhat disagree. All things that grow in Nature and ALWAYS reaching for the light. Thus, We should ALWAYS be seeking the light of God, not just during the hard times. Yes, it's a great comfort when times are shaky, and it is even a GREATER comfort when we seek the Light as a daily, moment to moment practice.

I am growing toward the light.
In order to grow, a seed must be covered under the dirt and find its way to the light. While in the darkness, it is nurtured by soil, heat, and water. Once the seedling bursts through, it leans toward the sun and creates food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. In time, the plant yields its fruit.
Facing darkness is a normal process of life. At such times, I reach for the light of God to find my way, and I grow in faith, wisdom, understanding, and love. I become aware of my inner divinity and nurture my seeds of potential through prayer, study, and practice. The light of God helps me grow courageously. I keep moving toward Spirit and harvest the fruit of realization.
May we all 'grow' by continually seeking the Light.

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