Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wholeness grows from within...

I'm not too sure I totally agree with today's Daily Word. Keeping positive thoughts wont necessarily keep me from being injured or sick. Faithful exercise also may not always result in longevity. Yet BOTH positive thoughts and exercise will certainly enhance my experience daily. By making healthy choice daily, my consciousness will inform my body, down to every little cell, which will move me towards wholeness. I do agree that wholeness grows from within.

Wholeness is my divine birthright.
Healing occurs when physical and emotional blocks are removed from mind and body. Then life energy can move freely once again. If I experience sickness, I become aware of any thoughts of limitation and let them go. I consider how to care for my body, and make any necessary adjustments.
By making healthy choices, I consciously move toward wholeness. By stretching, dancing, or exercising, I release tension or pain, and help my physical health. I let go of mental blocks with powerful statements: Sickness has no power over me. All that endures is wholeness.
I may combine exercise, such as walking or yoga, with affirmations. Today I move toward wholeness, and wholeness grows from within.

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