Friday, December 5, 2014

True North Star and the Lighthouse

Strong words in today's Daily Word! The absolute foundation of Spirit, Faith, and Grace. Knowing that the Divine Presence is within me, not something vague and difficult to reach, but deep within, is our True Light House, or our True North Star. I love the metaphor of the North Star and a point of reference, to guide us to good decision and healthy thinking. In Unity, we used to say 'Where ever I am, God IS. And that's the Truth!'

Divinely protected, I live boldly and confidently.
The protection of Spirit is boundless. Wherever I go, I am guided and safe. The all-seeing wisdom of God is within me, as my inner voice and intuition. It is my steadfast lighthouse, gently guiding me away from stormy situations. Enlightened in the love of God, I am steered toward my highest good.
Knowing I am divinely protected, I live boldly and courageously. I navigate through uncertain situations with supreme confidence, always expecting good. God is within and around me, calling forth the highest expression of humanity in myself and others.
Wherever I am called to be, and whatever I am called to do, Spirit’s omnipotent power is with me. I am protected by the infallible Presence; I am always harbored in love.

Sweet blessings

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