Monday, December 1, 2014

Praying for others is Self Care too

Today's Daily Word talks about being the 'light of the world'. For me, I feel it's about walking the talk. Knowing that we are basically all One... when I pray for myself, or when I pray for others... I am affirming the Highest Good for all. And I remember that my thoughts are prayers. What I am thinking about, I am affirming. So I keep my thoughts positive. I keep my thoughts aligned with the highest good, for myself, others, the planet. In that way, I affirm my presence in the Light of the world

from today's Daily Word...

God’s light shines in and through me, guiding me to be a loving presence. The Psalmist sang: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The same light that shined through Jesus is in me and my loved ones.
If I am seeking answers, I trust the indwelling Christ to bless me with light and show me the way. As I follow God’s guidance, my steps are illumined and my words express faith. When I pray for others, I affirm: Spirit is leading you to your highest good. I behold my dear ones being receptive to God’s light.
As I allow Spirit to enlighten my life, I see my path clearly. My life is a blessing to others, and I am a presence of light in the world.

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