Friday, December 12, 2014

Pursuit of Purpose... Happiness, Prosperity, True Abundance

Prosperity, happiness, the pursuit of life...
My definition of happiness is to feel the quality of enough... Enough, especially when it comes to being able to follow my 'Purpose' by giving to the world. In this, I am truly blessed and proserous.
I give from my heart, and I am richly blessed!
Optimism and pessimism are often defined as seeing the glass either half full or half empty. Prosperity thinking sees the glass completely filled with two different elements—water and air, for instance.
Today I see my life through prosperity thinking. Abundance is so much more than material possessions. I prosper in my relationships because they are mutually supportive. I am wealthy in my health because I take care of my mind and body. I eat nutritious meals, exercise regularly, and think positively.
If I experience lack in any area of my life, I ask myself: How can I more fully participate in the cycle of giving and receiving? I can volunteer, reach out to help someone, or appreciate others. As I think prosperously, I am blessed!
And, as I GIVE, I am overflowing with abundance, joy, and living my purpose.

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