Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'I AM ...'

Today's Daily Word speaks of one of the basic Unity principles I learned almost 40 years ago. Basically, it's about paying attention to what we tell ourselves. Every time we use the words "I am" we are basically praying, affirming our circumstances. How many times do I say 'I'm tired'! Well... today, I AM Grateful! Grateful to be reminded to be more conscious of the words I use.

I use the words “I Am” with clarity and purpose.
Do I really give it much thought when I begin a sentence with “I am”? Declaring “I am worried” or “I am confused” is invoking the name of God, the “I Am,” and giving power to that statement. I could more appropriately say that “I have a concern about an issue.”
When I use the words “I am” carefully, I connect with the highest, healthiest thoughts about a given circumstance. By saying I am able, I affirm confidence. By pronouncing I am open, I assert willingness. When I declare I am worthy, capable, healthy, and prosperous, I activate these qualities within me.
The “I Am” is God in me, so I speak those words with clarity and purpose. I connect “I Am” with positive, affirmative statements, and declare my oneness with God.

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