Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love and Forgiveness

Today's Daily Word talks about Love... on a deeper level, I think the message is about forgiveness. Yes, it's easier to love the people we are close to. And it's sometimes quite a challenge to 'love' those who have hurt us. Yet, through the power of Love... we can attain a peaceful heart and move out of the distress of feeling poorly about anyone. Truly an act of 'Love', and act of forgiveness.

It is my nature to love.
The love of God flows through my heart to the hearts of others. When I am a conduit for love, I recognize the divinity in all beings. I honor their lives and want only the best for them.
Following Jesus’ teaching to love one another is easy when I cherish people dear to me. However, I am also called to appreciate those who are different from me, and even those who hurt or offend me. Loving as Jesus loved means to accept all people as expressions of Spirit, regardless of their actions, choices, or abilities. They are the beloved of God.
Love lives in me. It flows from Spirit and I share it with others. As I love, I am fully alive. I love because it is my nature to love.

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