Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Crone's view of a Blissful Life

Instructions to create a blissful life.
Know that life is the power of God at work, constantly flowing in the present moment.
Know that Life is invigorating and subtle, strong and vulnerable.
Deeply know that Divine Intelligence created all you see in the physical world, including yourself.
With your mind and heart, you have the power to connect with Spirit and cocreate a blissful life.
Start each day by expressing gratitude for your existence.
Ask for the right guidance, and write down the dreams of your heart.
Plan what you need to accomplish your desires—an outline to start a business or an application for school.
Write it down. Make a treasure map.
Remember the Law of Attraction.
Follow God’s direction in each and every step.
Express gratitude for your life as it unfolds, by faithfully keeping a Gratitude Journal.
Notice how All things work together to support you.
Deeply know, when you cocreate your life with Spirit, what you do blesses the world, and you will live in bliss.
And so it is.  

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