Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meddling with the Divine

Today's Daily Word doesn't ring true for me. It suggests that when I'm off balance or feeling down, I simply turn within to listen to the still voice inside. While this is good advice, I also think it's important to fortify myself with positive thoughts... thoughts that make me feel expansive. To leave myself in the stillness, doesn't necessarily move me to the other side, to a more positive, healthy frame of mind.

So, while I may turn my thoughts and attention away from my concerns, I will also bring to mind the fullness of my positive circumstances in life. Maybe. Maybe, sometimes, it is about just letting go and letting God guide my life. I'm just a meddler, always trying to project 'my' way.

I'll surrender, and just sit with this thought today.

Spirit is my compasson each step of my journey.
When my vision is clouded by uncertainty, I imagine the security and assurance a blind person feels as he or she walks with a trusted guide dog. The well-trained dog confidently guides its handler around obstacles in their path. The handler learns to be sensitive to every hesitation and redirection the dog uses to warn of hazards or barriers.
When I need to discern my next steps, I turn my attention away from my concerns and meditate in the Silence. As I commune with Spirit, I carefully listen for subtle nuances to offer me direction. I see my way around stumbling blocks and trust my intuition to give new direction if needed. Spirit in me knows my perfect path, and my way is made clear.

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