Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clearing Clouds of Confusion

Confusion can sometimes get me down. Sometimes I’m unsure about what to do in a given situation. Circumstances may call for a particular action that does not feel right to me. Sometimes I'm confused by which road to take.
  Although I could simply do what others want me to do, or I could take the 'easy' road, I want to act from integrity. So, I choose to be true to myself. At times like these, I pray. I become quiet and listen for the still, small voice of Divine Mind, which is NEVER confused.
  Aligned with Spirit, I receive the direction I seek and the wisdom I desire. The clouds of confusion clear up. I find the courage to do what is mine to do without doubt. Assured of God’s guidance, I move forward with confidence and conviction. As I bravely act in integrity, I feel at peace and trust in the perfect outcome for all concerned. Attuned to Divine Mind, I discover the truth that brings freedom.

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