Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Self Care and Girtty Grace

Self care also means having courage to persevere when troubles get you down. It's important to remember to allow ourselves to be infused with Spirit,  which will strengthen and inspire, imbuing us with 'Gritty Grace', as I like to call it.
 When learning to fly, a fledgling bird often needs prompting from its mother to try again if it has fallen. Life has its challenges, but even when I feel defeated, I do not allow discouraging thoughts to hold me down. God is my greatest support; I am inspired with the courage to persevere.
Deep at the center of my being lies a powerhouse of encouragement. In prayer, I turn away from self-defeating thoughts and tap in to the divine spark in my heart that burns with optimism, and fuels me forward.
From this higher vantage point, setbacks become stepping-stones. I spread my wings with confidence—nothing can hold me back. Spirit uplifts me and carries me forward.

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