Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remembering the Truth

I strive to always remember that God’s grace is my divine inheritance; I was born with it. But it's so easy to forget that I am as God created me—a perfect and unique expression of the Divine. Truth is, only if I give power to doubt or fear can I experience separation from God. When I am centered in the unconditional love of God, I live in grace and Oneness.
Jesus exemplified grace by demonstrating unconditional love. Through his Christ nature, he saw the Divine in all people, even those excluded by others. Like Jesus, I believe the Christ nature—the presence of God—lives in me and in every being. As I release any doubts of God’s love, I accept and celebrate the divine nature in me and in all.
As I fully live in God’s grace, I experience the Truth of God’s perfect love. And that's the truth!

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