Friday, November 7, 2014

Remembering to tune in....

I am tuning in to the wisdom of God. It's always there, waiting for me to REMEMBER!
Spirit’s guidance may come at any time, even when I am not seeking it. I stay receptive to divine communication through nudges and ideas. I may read and feel inspired or receive an invitation for an adventure. When guidance comes from Spirit, I hear something inside me say “Yes!”
   I trust God’s guidance to push me past any resistance from old ways of thinking. I release any thoughts of limitation or fear. Whether I have been planning my next step carefully or feel suddenly called, I confidently step beyond the familiar into new growth. I gain greater awareness of what is mine to do and follow Spirit’s direction with enthusiasm. As I do, I welcome abundant and joyful blessings. I walk in trust, ready to follow God’s guidance.
  Awareness of what is mine to do. Tuning in moment by moment. Sometimes it's hard. Like when I was impatiently sitting in bumper to bumper traffic last evening. My prayer is that I REMEMBER to tune in! Let this be a day of remembering.
   Sweet blessings.

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