Sunday, November 9, 2014

Forgiveness, for myself and others

I love that when a kitten has wandered away from its mother, she gently brings it back home. The mother does not have negative feelings toward the kitten but stays focused on caring for its health and safety. But... do I harbor negative feelings, about myself, about someone I think has offended me somehow?
   I want to remember that when my thoughts or actions wander away from love, I can gently bring them back. Harboring negative thoughts and feelings about others hurts me more than it hurts them.   
   Forgiving and releasing anything or anyone that may have harmed me frees me to focus on my spiritual health. In my prayer time, I surround any unhealed situation or transgressor in love, and call forth the power of forgiveness.
I extend this forgiveness to myself, letting go of past mistakes. I make amends where appropriate, and release the situation to God.

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