Thursday, November 6, 2014

The eye of the storm

I am a center of peace.
When I think of inner peace, I picture the eye of a hurricane. Even with the swirling chaos and turmoil, its center is calm and undisturbed. As I turn to the peaceful presence of God within me, I experience tranquility regardless of outer circumstances.
Inner peace comes from faith, intention, and focus. I have faith in God as my source of inner peace. I set my intention to experience serenity in my relationships and interactions. My thoughts and attitudes are focused on peace. With this practice, I experience inner stillness, a calm deep within where nothing can disturb me. I am in the “eye” of the storm. I am the peace that stands secure and strong in the awareness of God.
   When I was recently on my 16 day trip, it wasn't difficult to find that deep inner peace. Every room I stayed in had been cleaned and prepared for me. Life was easy, exciting, and there were little or no frustrations.
   Home again now for a few days... I'm remembering many frustrations that were absent during my travels. So, in the face of the 'normal' frustrations, during those times when my peace of mind is challenged, I need to remember the good words of today's Daily Word. I am the eye of the hurricane. While frustrations swirl around me, my inner core is at One with the awareness of Divine Mind, God.
And so it is.

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