Monday, November 3, 2014

Deep gratitude for daily prayer

Myrtle Filmore, co founder of Unity Church, stayed focused through daily prayer, affirming words of praise and encouragement to her body. She continued to declare health as the truth of her being, until her body responded and the good she claimed was fully manifest.  And so I try to follow that grand example. Daily prayer, morning and night. Some people drop to their knees, I prefer to write my prayerful affirmations in a journal.
   This past month, I've been led to take my prayer commitment one step further, by writing a prayer in here, hopefully every day. With my fervent prayer, my hope is that I can hold the space for good, that those I pray for walk in the blessings of the Light of God.
   My son and his wife begin a month long journey to Thailand today. My prayer and affirmation is that this will be the magical trip of a lifetime for them. They will be safe and will experience joy, love, and deep fulfillment.
   And so it is.
   With deep gratitude and sweet blessings.

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