Monday, November 24, 2014

Where ever I am, God is

These words are so true: I am never alone; God is always with me.
Wherever I am and whomever I am with, God is there. Spirit is always with me. When I walk in the woods, sit by a stream, or hear a beautiful birdsong, I sense the presence of the Divine.
If I ever feel separate from others, I consider whether I am holding thoughts of separation, such as judgments or comparisons. I release them and remember the Truth: whomever I am with, God is there. I affirm: I am one with God and with all people.
I soften my gaze and look again at the people around me. I behold Spirit expressing as them. I relax and feel my oneness with others and with all of life. I enjoy being together with others. All of life shares divinity—we are always together in God.
Next time I'm feeling sorry for myself, or feel left out, or even have doubts about just about anything, it will serve me very well to remember, where ever I am, God is, and THAT'S THE TRUTH!
Sweet Blessings

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