Sunday, November 23, 2014


As I'm feeling frustrated by my lack of willpower when it comes to my eating habits, I read today's Daily Word... and hopefully, the seeds of Light will prevail in my life.
I use my human willpower to act on divine ideas in the world.
My human willpower helps me to accomplish things in the world. When I align it with the power of God, I can do anything.
Will is the capacity to make choices, and I use it to shape my ideas and my life. When I act on a thought, I bring it to life. I use this power to make healthy choices, choose positive thoughts, or focus on a goal and achieve it. With the ability of will, I direct my life. I make wise choices to be the best person I can be.
I align my willpower with the power of God. In prayer and meditation, I listen to divine ideas of peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and love. I choose to act on these divine ideas for myself and others, even in difficulties. In this way, I manifest Spirit in the world.

And so, I set my intention to make healthy choices and to choose positive thinking around the choices I make in my eating.

Thank you God, Angels, and Guides.
And so it is.

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