Saturday, November 8, 2014

Divine Order

I give thanks for divine order at work in and around me.
WHAT the heck is Divine Order anyway....?? The Amish call it God's Will.
Rain falls onto the earth, is heated by the sun, and rises as steam to form clouds. When the clouds get heavy, they break open and water falls again. This cycle supports life, growth, and harvest.
Divine order is evident in countless cycles of nature and within me. My day begins as I awaken from restful sleep and ends when I again seek rest and renewal. My body functions in orderly rhythms: the rise and fall of each breath, the steadiness of my heartbeat, my processes of nutrition and circulation. God’s work is everywhere.
My personal contribution to my personal Divine Order, is that I begin each and every day journaling prayerful intentions, and I end each and every day with a prayerful gratitude.
I embrace divine order in me and around me by affirming it, thinking positively, and expecting good results.
And, I am so grateful for the gifts of Divine Order!

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